My story

I am the happiest and most proudest of myself when designing. After spending 4 years in healthcare/clinical research, I mustered up the courage to pursue design professionally. I enrolled in a bootcamp and graduated in January 2023, leveraging my clinical research skills to be an effective UX/UI designer.

I was initially scared to leave healthcare because I thought I wouldn't have opportunities to help people anymore. However, I realize how short-sighted and naive I was in thinking that. Like healthcare, good UX/UI design comes back to helping people effectively. 🤝🏽

four pictures of Sammy Yi - one when she was younger at around 8 years old, one while kayaking, one in Italy and one studying in a cafe

And more

In my free time, I like to explore Boston with my husband, drink copious amounts of tea, read in my pink chair by the window, and doodle all sorts of things (see below)!

hand-drawn collage of breakfast items with a large stack of pancakes in the middlehand-drawn wedding invitation that is full of foliage on a burgandy backgroundTwo thank you card designs for SAADA