Terracotta Photobooth Website

Terracotta Photobooth Website



How might we design a photobooth rental website where the customer can learn about the business and submit interest forms in a quick and simple manner?


I helped my clients to unify their business visions and designed a responsive website that showcases their product packages and help potential customers to get in touch while accurately reflecting their brand.

1. Empathize

Competitive Analysis

I looked into direct and indirect competitors of my clients.

  • make contact information prominent
  • include area for testimonials
  • make booking form straightforward
  • pricing transparency
  • show what areas are served
  • make photobooth features clear

User Interviews

I conducted 3 interviews with participants who have rented photobooths.

Things that the participants liked about their experience

  • being responsive in initial contact
  • transparent pricing (saves time for the research process)
  • clear expectations
  • lots of reference pictures

Things that the participants didn't like about their experience

  • no confirmation message after interest form submission
  • not knowing logistical information until the day of the event

2. Define

User Persona

Rachel wants to rent a photobooth for her wedding but doesn't want to be stressed by the research or rental process.

User Persona Rachel Kim for Terracotta Photobooth

User Flow

The user flow was created to make sure that there was multiple access points via the navigation header and the CTA buttons that would lead to other pages, especially the booking page.

User Flow for Terracotta Photobooth

3. Ideate

UI Kit

I developed a UI Kit on Figma to ensure a cohesive visual design of the app. I made sure that the color palette reflected the "clean and personal" vibes that the clients wanted reflected in their websites. The geometric graphics also added an element of dynamic fun to the website.

High-Fidelity Wireframes

I used Figma to develop the high-fidelity wireframes. To illustrate my design thinking, here is the Services page.

4. Test

Usability Testing

The testing was conducted with four participants who all had experience using a photobooth but had never rented a photobooth before. 2 participants tested the mobile prototype while 2 participants tested the desktop prototype to ensure no biased feedback.

Affinity Map

An affinity map was created to summarize points made by participants during usability testing. I had two huge wins from the usability testing!

  1. Effective Branding. All participants described the brand accurately: creative, friendly ,kind, trusting, fun, approachable, inviting, comfortable.
  2. Consistent Experience. No discernible difference in feedback received between the mobile prototype participants and the desktop prototype participants.
affinity map of Terracotta Photobooth

5. Iterate

Priority Revisions



I realized that branding is about using various elements like copy, pictures, and colors to communicate a cohesive experience to the user. For instance, I prioritized first-person POV writing to align with the brand values of being personal and inviting.

Growth Areas

Due to time constraints and recruiting cost, I didn’t conduct user research on clients from the corporate industry (one of the largest client industries besides wedding). I could’ve done more secondary research to consider their needs as well.

Next Steps

A corporate industry-focused research initiative should be conducted to make sure the website also considers their unique needs.

Client Testimony

Sammy is personable, efficient, and a keen listener. We have her to thank for bringing our new photo booth business come to life!

Despite contrasting visions as clients, Sammy was professional and was able to patiently navigate our conversations by asking thought-provoking questions. She guided us in each step; from branding and clientele experience to smooth and intuitive user experience web design.

Sammy worked tirelessly to understand our needs and built a product that truly embodies who we are as small business owners. She took our disorganized thoughts and created a cohesive body of work that went well above both of our expectations!

She has been a pleasure to collaborate with and a reliable partner that we would strongly recommend. Needless to say, Sammy's dedication and fervor for her work are what any team needs in order to build exceptional customer engagement.  

— Brian and Diana Yang